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Create Your First Wordpress Blog

So, you want to start a blog? Great idea! But how do you get started? There’s so much info out there on the web, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point? Damn, maybe you should just forget it – it’s too confusing! Well, hold up. I used to be a blogging newbie too. I had the same problems.

WordPress platform is amazing when you are opting for professional blogging or creating a business blog. 


You can write about anything you want to, but we suggest you make sure you have interest in writing that topic you about to publish on your blog as people (readers of your blog) will think that you are master in that thing you've created a blog post on.

  • Select A Niche

Before making your first blog pick a niche (topic) for your blog so you can easily write more articles (blog posts) on daily to weekly basis.

Because if you don't update your blog frequently in first days or you can say first months then you can't make a good readership and you can lose the coming success before it comes to you.

Hmm! You can find other fellow bloggers in your niche, but before searching for fellow bloggers make sure that you've selected a perfect topic for your blog.

It's a necessary point.

  •  Find A Domain Name And Get Hosting

If you think that you can create out standing content then follow below steps and this second step is choosing a domain name for your new blog and get hosting for a self-hosted blog.

To create a blog, buy web-hosting and a domain name.
  • Web-hosting is where your files are stored.
  • The domain is the name of your blog.

As there are many free platforms are available but that free blogging platforms don't give you full controls such as cPanel and FTP or any other thing which you'll need after some months of successful blogging.


It's better to have a hosting account on a trusted hosting provider's website.

Read what a trusted and high-quality hosting provider have to prove the security and happiness for you:

  • 30 Day Money back guarantee (you can get your money back when you think that the hosting provider is not good for a reason)
  • Support available for all the time you need on the basis of 24/7/365
  • One click and auto installation for major scripts like WordPress
  • A control panel and all other functions to handle your blog and have fun with hosting account
  • 100 or 99% up-time guarantee so you don't miss single visit on your blog
  • Advertising credits so you can easily make your voice when you all set to show the word and say you have a blog too

Bluehost is best at all above features and even good with many other features which you'll find when you buy a hosting account there.

  •  Create A Blog & Register Your Domain For Free

Now its time to register a domain name for free with BlueHost and pay just for the hosting by getting lowest rates.

Read this step by step guide to create your own self-hosted WordPress blog with a free of cost domain name from Bluehost:

  • Sign up for Bluehost  (Exclusive discount + free domain name)

  • 1. Click on "Get Started Now" button

    After clicking on below type of button you'll be asked to choose your account. 

    2. Choose any hosting plan and do it by thinking first.

    Choose basic as this plan is good for a starter and have the lowest rate with great features.

    3. Now type your desired domain name and click on next button

    If your domain name is available it will redirect you to another page.
    Create a blog on bluehost powering wordpress 
    4. Type your basic information as mentioned below
    Create a blog on bluehost powering wordpress 
    5. Scroll down and choose package options

    See below image and make sure you've selected the same options as mine.
    Create a blog on bluehost powering wordpress 
    6. Now add credit or debit card details according to below image and submit button after checking that you are agreed to terms and conditions OR pay with other payment options

    7. Now you will get two options to install WordPress on your hosting account. Click on "I can do it" button and follow instruction below

    Create a blog on bluehost powering wordpress

    8. Now you'll be redirected to your cPanel, to install WordPress click on big W icon

    If you are not redirected then click on "hosting" from the menu bar and "cpanel" from sub-menu, after that you'll see a screen same as below screen shot.
    Create a blog on bluehost powering wordpress

    9. Now the next screen will appear asking you to type your name and username also the password for admin (you) and an email address

    In some cases, it will ask you to do accept terms and conditions again for security and choose your domain.

    Don't worry just check all boxes and select your domain then follow below screen to fill out the form
    Create a blog on bluehost powering wordpress

    Now after clicking on Install Now button, you'll have to wait for a moment.


    You've installed the WordPress CMS (content management system) on your hosting account and your own domain name.

    Yeah! It means you have started/created a blog and you can now post any-thing on that blog of yours.

    Tweaks for WordPress to make your blog beautiful

    To control your WordPress you need to open a new tab and close Bluehost's tab.

    Go to  -  or go to the new tab and type your domain after .com type / and then wp-admin.

    So you can access the admin panel of your WP-blog which just have created some minutes ago.

    Now type your username and password (as you created in step 9 above) and sign in.
    WP admin panel

    It's time to change the default theme of your WordPress blog 

    Installing or changing your blog's theme is very easy to do the task and it takes no-time, just some clicks and you can have a great looking blog.

    If you don't how to change WordPress blog's theme then follow below steps:

    1. After sign in click on Appearance and then Themes
    Appearance and then Themes

    2. Now browse free themes and install one from thousands of cool themes

    3. Open new tab (after installation is done) and see your blog with new theme

    Creating your first blog post:
    1. Click on "Posts" button
    2. Click on "Add New" sub-button
    3. Enter your post title in the upper field
    4. Enter your post body content in the main post editing box
    5. Select a category
    6. Click Publish (after you are done writing the details) 
    Creating your first blog post


    That's all

    Now publish your first post.

    You are done and successfully created your Wordpress blog!

    Alternatively, you can use 000webhost for hosting.

    I think its all done for now and you have a great blog to start your blogging journey from here.
    Happy blogging!!!



    Anas Mahmood

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