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Earn Free Mobile Recharge In Pakistan

Majority of mobile phone users in Pakistan use prepaid service packages. Which means that sooner or later you run out of credit and need to recharge, either through a prepaid card from your particular service provider or through a topup service commonly known as “easy load”.
What if there was a way to get credit without paying money for it? Of course “free offer” is like catnip for us Pakistanis so this is very likely to be of your interest.
You can get free credit by using these apps which either have you watch ads or download apps to earn credit which can then be redeemed and added to your phone number.
Without further ado, here are the 4 apps that can get you free credit:




Slideshows you ads/news articles of your choice (asked when setting up) on your lock screen. As shown in the picture above you can either read those articles or unlock your screen to earn credit.
You can also invite friends to use the app which gets you more credit, only if they join.
There is one limit though, you can’t recharge your phone until you make at least Rs. 50 in the app via the ads/articles.
It requires your phone number and email address while setting up and will send you a confirmation code via SMS while registering.
You can download the app on Google Playstore from here.


This app lets you earn credit by installing recommended apps on your phone. mCent may cause you to lose space on your phone fast because of installing a lot of apps on it but if you have plenty of storage it shouldn’t be a problem.
It has mixed reviews on Google Playstore with some users complaining about the app not working for them. Our own experience was somewhat similar with the confirmation code not arriving (via SMS). Still, there are users that claim that it works really well for them and they have earned several hundred Rupees in credits.
Download mCent on Google Playstore from here.

Top TopUP: Send Free Recharge

top topup
Another app for earning free credits, Top Topup (previously known as Recharge Me) is different in that it lets you send credit to your contacts as well. You can earn credits by either watching videos or by completing offers (app installs, surveys etc.).
Balance sharing is nothing new but recently it hasn’t been on the forefront of advertisements by mobile operators. Some of us don’t know how to share your prepaid account balance with their contacts which makes this app handy.
Download the app from Google Playstore here.


RewardBase is another app for free data/credit recharge. You can invite friends for earning extra credit, just like slide and you can complete simple tasks like leveling a character in a game (you’ll need to install then play the game), watching videos, completing surveys or registering on websites recommended by the app to get credit.
Download the app from Google Playstore here.

Anas Mahmood

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