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Earn Money By Chatting


WowApp is a sharing experience. empowers every user to connect, share and get rewarded in a unique way. You decide what to do with your Earnings: cash out or donate to charity. Everyone in the Power of Sharing is rewarded – both with real money and with the real power of choice

How it Works?

In WowApp the rewards you earn are called WowsCoins. The WowCoins earned to date are displayed in the Earnings tab in your account. You can convert WowCoins to WowCredit to purchase calling products such as long distance minutes or virtual numbers. You can also choose to donate your earnings to a selected charity, as well as cash them out as real money. In WowApp the choice is always yours!

What is the conversion rate for WowCoins?

Wow Coins are pegged to the US Dollar. 100 Wow Coins amount to US$ 1.00.

How and when can I convert WowCoins?

In general, you can convert amounts starting at 10 WowCoins – unless a different threshold is specified. Different types of conversions or transfers require a different minimum amount of WowCoins. For example, donations to charities require a minimum starting amount as low as 10 WowCoins.

How To Earn Money?

How can I earn WowCoins?

Currently you can earn WowCoins by seeing adsmaking paid calls and purchasing virtual numbers on WowApp. For every paid call you make and virtual number you purchase, you receive a designated amount of WowCoins in your account.

How can others earn WowCoins for me?

The people you invite to your WowApp network can earn WowCoins for you by engaging in any revenue generating activity on WowApp.

How can I earn more WowCoins?

The larger your network, the greater earnings potential you have, and the more you will be able to share on! As your network grows, the people in it will start engaging in revenue generating actions in WowApp, bringing you a share of the earnings as well.
You also earn WowCoins when you make paid phone calls through the app. So keep in mind that the best way to increase your potential earnings is to invite more friends!
WowCoins can as well be earned by having fun. Meaning that you can earn while playing the games you like which you can find in the WowApp Official Website at Games section. Basically the more you play the more you will gain.

Where Can I See Ads?

You can see ads on any Android and iOS smartphone and/or tablet. For the time being, we don't deliver ads on WowApp for desktop (either Mac or Windows).
The banners that appear on WowApp for desktop are WowApp tutorials and don't generate any revenue!
Ads can as well be seen in the Games section on the Official WowApp Website ( https://www.wowapp.com/games/wow-games ), working on the same principle; the more ads you will see while you play, the more WowCoins will be generated. 
Do I Have to Tap on the Banners to Earn?
No! The ads are paid per view, you don't have to tap on the banners to receive WowCoins.

About Payment

How Long Will it Take to Receive my Earnings?

The earnings generated by ads show up on your account once every 24 hours, while the earnings form paid calls or WowApp Numbers purchases appear immediately!

When Can I Cash out My Earnings?

Due to the terms established by our partners, earnings generated from Advertise Me (ads) are available for cashing out or donations after 60 days.
However, the earnings generated by paid calls or WowApp Numbers purchases are available for cashing out immediately!


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