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Earn Money By Writing Articles - Easy Way

I have been trying out a new online writing site.  It’s called Daily Two Cents and it’s for just that, giving your two cents on a variety of topics and/or products and get paid!

Daily Two Cents on the other hand has better quality control.  They have to manually approve your first three articles to make sure that you are not a spammer and that you will be a good fit.  In addition, the owners of the site carefully watch bounce rates and other stats and will offer suggestions on ways to improve your articles. 

How To Earn Money?

  • Pay Per View . You earn ½ cent for every unique view of any of your articles.  For those who like to write articles, this could add up once you have a significant inventory of them.

  • Affiliate sales.  You are allowed to have one affiliate link.  This link could be to Amazon or to other Affiliate programs that you are a member of, or you could use your link to drive traffic to your other blogs and sites.

These are not full blog posts, however you must post at least 100 words, and two to three hundred is even better.  This means that you can quickly build up an inventory of articles without investing hours on each one.
You get to keep 100% of any Affiliate commissions.
They use a WordPress platform which most bloggers are very familiar with. If you are not, then this is an easy way to learn wordpress without investing in your own site. 
There is a Facebook support page where the site owners are very engaged and helpful. 
They have Zemanta built right in, giving you an option for free images right on the spot. 
There is a built in keyword helper to assist you in optimizing your article SEO. 

About Payment

Low 5$ payment threshold means that you get paid more often when the monthly payday comes.

So why are you waiting 


Anas Mahmood

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