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Earn Money By Writing Articles With iWriter

Want to earn money online by writing articles? than Congratulations, you have come to right place.So, if you're the best you're going to earn $15+ for writing each and every article. In my opinion, writing an article with 500 words doesn't take more than an hour. So, you can make $45+ part-time by writing three articles a day. There is no writing limit per day, you can write as much as you can. 

This is a freelance writing job so there are no restrictions in work time. You can do this job anytime 24/7.
Advanced English skill.
English grammar skill Medium typing skill to complete the project within given time.
Native language skill to earn more. Should know the difference between UK English (en-UK) and US English (en-US). A Mixed language might result in article rejection.
Should be able to complete the article in given time (Only after commence). If you're choosing a field to write you should be an expert in that field. No copywriting is allowed.


As everyone cannot earn $15 per article at beginning, iwriter has fixed rate for writing each article, $1.62 for 300 words article (Standard members). 
$2.43 for 500 words article (Standard members). 
$4.05 for 700 words article (Standard members). 
 Rate increases for premium and elite writers.

Browse the jobs and select the best one that you are familiar with. 
After selecting click the plus sign on the left column to verify more detail about that job. 
The first thing you've to do is read the special instructions given by the requester/client. Not following requester's instruction while writing the article might result in rejection. Other than that look at requester's rejection rate, reviews etc. 
Few requester can be very strict and few might not. After reviewing all factors click write articles. 

Grammer Test
Iwriter is very strict about quality and doesn't allow everyone to write an article. You've to attend grammar quiz for the first time in order to qualify. You should score at least 13 out of 15. Start Writing Article After passing you will be redirected to the article page. You should complete the article within the allotted time. The time may vary between 2 hours to a day or more. Try to write the article in notepad or MS word. After completion copy pastes the article to iwriter. After completing article submit it for requester review. Once approved your account will be credited with the allotted money. 

Article rejection: Your article will be rejected if you copy from another source. 

Payment Method: Paypal.

Anas Mahmood

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