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Earn Money From Youtube In Pakistan With Google Adsense

We all know that in previous days YouTube was blocked in Pakistan and Now youtube is Allowed in Pakistan but we cannot make money with it because google adsense is not supported pakistani youtube.

So how this is possible and any body else is earning money or this is fantasy story. Let me tell you that yes it’s possible but with the help of little trick.

First of all you need to create U.S Gmail ID which must be US phone verified as well.
Don't worry it's easy.

  • Just click here and install zenmate VPN extension to your browser.
  • Use other browser that you won't use.
  • After that signup on zenmate and confirm account and login to zenamte VPN account.
  • After that clear all browse histories ,caches and cookies from the very beginning on the browser.
  • After that move the cursor to zenmate browser plugin and select United States means your ip address is protected by VPN and the site locate your ip to U.S
  • Now go to gmail and register account.
  • Use fake U.S info. You can search it on google.
  • After that click on signup and verify your account by mail.
  • Now come to dangerous way, verify your phone account .Don't worry every thing is going to be cool.
  • Just turn off the VPN and refresh mobile verification page and enter your own "Pakistan" Mobile phone number.
  • It's send a confirmation code to your phone now enter the code and turn on VPN and complete the signup.
  • Now your  U.S gmail account is successfully created and verified.
  • Now login to Youtube using your new U.S gmail account and upload 2 videos to your youtube account.
  • After you receive 40 views on both videos you can apply for google adsense.
Now enjoy your youtube earning in Pakistan.


Anas Mahmood

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