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Earn Money With BuxP

Bux sites getting commissions from both adverts and workers.Buxp is also intermediate, which is act as a bridge between both advertisers and members who joined to earn money online with buxp PTC website. Event hough no difference on PTC sites, some of them has special offers and ways to earn little money online. I wrote the steps to make income from Buxp spending few minutes daily.

How To Earn Money?
BuxP has proven to be stable and established advertising service, sharing its revenue with its members since 2008. Member of BuxP you can earn money online by clicking and viewing PTC ads by watching video ads or completing a different kind of offers and surveys. Also, there is unlimited additional referral system in place that allows users to refer new members to the site and earn commissions from the recruiters.

Steps To Earn Money Online With BuxP

Every PTC site tries the best to outstand from other sites and similarly, BuxP trying its best to satisfy both its advertisers and affiliates. Member of BuxP get paid for visiting websites and it’s as simple as that. Pay scale ranges from $0.001 to $0.003 for each visit depending on whether you are a free or premium member.
Premium membership costs $39.99 per year so that you have a chance of recruit other people to the program who will be in your downlines. When those people visit websites, you will get some money. Register your buxp account, then follow the steps to earn money with buxp PTC site.

Browse Ads in Menu

In the Browse ads options, you will see all the available ads in the moment. There are different types of ads and each type gives you a different amount of money for clicking it. When you click on the advertisement, a new page will open with the advertiser's site and you will find a countdown timer. That timer will start automatically, you must wait for it goes to zero and you just have to pass the human test. Then click verify button in order to be credited with the money for the ad.
Here you will find all the available videos at the moment. If you click a video, a new popup window will appear with a button "click here to view the video". Once you click it the actual video will load in a new window. While watching this video you shouldn't close the Popup window because it has the bar timer for the video. In order to get the payment, you should not close it.
Once the timer loaded completely and then you will see a button "click here to get credited". Now click it and the job is done.

Earn With The Help Of Referrals

Referrals are the backbone for earning from BuxP. Referrals are basically a user who works for you and they are normally users who earn like you. But when they earn you too earn money because they started earning with your referral link. You will get referral commissions from $0.003 to $0.005 for each of your referral's clicks. If you are a standard or premium member then your commission will be around $0.001 to $0.006 for each referral clicks.
BuxP is a PTC advertising website that has been online and paying since 2008. The Minimum payout from BuxP is $7.99 and it is 100% legitimate website to earn money online. It is a safe site to earn cash online and it offers more additional earning options. If you refer more active members you may earn decent extra money from home.


Anas Mahmood

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