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Earn Money With Drizzle SMS App

Drizzle SMS is an free mobile app that pays you every time you send and receive a text message. It does this by placing an ad banner at the top of your texting screen. Currently, Drizzle SMS is only available for Android users.

How To Earn Money? 

Cash is earned in the form of Drops by two methods
  • Sending and receiving texts
  • Waking up to your alarm
  • Referring friends 

The amount you get paid per month depends on the ad revenue that they are receiving. They expect you to earn anywhere from $3 – $10 dollars depending on the amount of texts you send and receive. Obviously, the more texting you do, the more money you make.

Ads are never sent to anyone you are texting and won’t interfere with your conversation in any way. There are currently 2,000 and counting with the Drizzle SMS App. You don’t have to worry about your privacy either, as none of your texts will be stored on their back-end, nor do they plan to do so in the future. No text messages are stored or logged within the app itself.

About Payment
Drops can be redeemed directly to your Square or Paypal account, or you can claim them for gift cards to major retailers such as Amazon or Walmart. You can also claim them for prizes such as this USB car charger or this Mini LED Flashlight.


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