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Earn Money With Microworkers & Rapidworkers

It’s very easy to make money with microworkers alternative rapidworkers and both sites are really amazing.
These two sites are specially recommended for people who really don’t have any skill and are newbie to internet. Here you can work easily just by opening your new account and doing easy jobs like crating new Facebook account for your client, creating gmail ID, search and click, forum posting, digg, stumbleupon link sharing, social link sharing, follow someone on twitter, Facebook post like and share etc. These are really very basic task and everyone who knows how to use keyboard and mouse can do these tasks.


What is a Microworkers ?

Microworkers is a small level freelancing website where employ can find workers for cheap price to complete their little task, and users or worker can get some work which can be completed with in mintutes both employ and worker make money in this way.Its not like big freelancing companies where you can make thousands of dollars per month its just a little market place where any one can make some bucks, even if he don’t have technical skills.

How to Work on Microworkers ?

Working on Microworkers is really very easy, you just need to login and check time by time for available jobs, find any simple job that you can complete like sign up, Like Facebook page, Comment on Youtube etc, accept and complete job by follow the instructions, after completing you need to submit and wait for approval as son your job got approved money will be credited into your Account, Its can take up to 24 hours for job approval.

What is a Rapidworkers ?

Rapidworkers is a micro job site alternative to microworkers. This site is very much effective for medium level user. It takes no registration fees and workers can earn money very easily from here by performing small & easy task.
Task type: Sign up, Click or Search, Bookmark , Youtube , Facebook, Twitter, Voting & Rating, Yahoo Answers, Forums, Download-Install, Comment on blogs, Write a review online, Write an Article, Classifieds posting, Blog/Website Owners, Leads and others.
Task amount: $0.05 To $4.
  •   Accepted Countries: All
  • Minimum To Cashout: $4 + 5% fees
  • Pays Per Task : It is depend on task. $0.05 To $4.
  • Referral Program: Referral is 1 LEVEL. There is no direct limit.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal.
  • Wait Time $: First time 30 days to verify address, next 7 BS day.
  • Accounts Deleted
    After Inactivity?: None.
  • Number of Tasks: Not fixed. All time new jobs are coming.


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