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Earn Money With PayPerPost Best PPC Website

Nowadays there are a plenty of ways to make money online. One of the easiest possible way is to write reviews and publish them on your blog. PayPerPost is one such blog sponsored review sites which is highly popular.
The Blog publishers who join the PayPerPost publishers’ network are termed as Posties. And as Posties, you need to search for open opportunities that your blogs will qualify for. After securing an opportunity, the blogger needs to write the post/review as per the given instructions. Once your post is approved, you will be paid on the current PayPerPost terms.
Pay per post is a great opportunity for the newbie bloggers to make some good money in this tough market. Whether you publish your posts on your own blog or you blog for someone else, it doesn’t affect your earning from Pay Per Post.

How does PayPerPost Work?

There is a simple signup process to join PayPerPost. You need to register your blog and set the price for a post.
As soon as you submit your blog, you are eligible to get opportunities from various advertisers relevant to your blog.
Whenever there is an opportunity, you will get an email from PayPerPost informing that.
You can sign in to check the offer. You can either accept or decline an opportunity you aren’t interested in. You need to click on ‘Take This Opp’ if you feel you want to go with that.
The advertisers may ask the bloggers to write a short (100-200 word) posts about their product, service or website or may ask for inbound links to help raise their ranking in Google. In case of links, you will need to write a relevant blog post with the link embedded in it. In both the cases you need to carefully follow the instructions and information provided by the advertiser.

How to make money with PayPerPost?

There are 3 different ways to make money though PayPerPost.
  • Sponsored Post or Links
  • PayPerPost Direct: The advertiser will directly contact you where you can negotiate the offer.
  • PayPerPost Affiliate: You will get paid by PayPerPost whenever someone joins PayPerPost under your referral.

How to get your PayPerPost Earnings?

Once you publish the post on your blog, you need to send the permalink to the PayPerPost team.
If the advertiser is satisfied with your blog post, you will be eligible for the payment. The amount is paid through the PayPal account, you have associated earlier.
PayPerPost has 3 types of payout options:
  • If you are a free member – $100
  • If you are pro member – $50 or $25
PayPerPost is a brilliant technique to earn some extra bucks through sponsored post. Here your earnings may vary from $10 to $100 per post. So you can make some decent monthly earnings through them. Initially you may find it little challenging to find work, but once you start providing quality work to your advertiser on a regular basis, you are on the track!


Anas Mahmood

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