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Earn Money With Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos.Vimeo was founded in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein.

Every Video creator has its dream and desire to earn maximum money from his video , because he put his lot of hard work & effort in creating & editing his video . so a video publishers will always be looking for a platform / source  which could  let him make maximum money from his video. Hence below I had mentioned all the details and advantages as well as disadvantage which a new video uploader will face on vimeo.

How To Earn Money?

There are two ways to earn money with vimeo.

1. Become An Affiliate For Vimeo

The Vimeo affiliate program offers your site visitors access to award-winning video sharing website where users can upload content, discover something wonderful, and become inspired like never before. They are one of the most popular video sharing site on the web today, and have been so since their inception nearly a decade ago.

Vimeo Affiliate Program Benefits:

• Commissionable Community – Earn commissions on Plus – Annual Subscriptions, Plus – Monthly Subscription, and Pro – Annual Subscriptions on Vimeo.com

• Vibrant Banner Creative – Highlighting personal and business HD video sharing possibilities

• Enhance… Enhance… – Change a video’s look and add a soundtrack through the Vimeo interface wit

2. Vimeo On Demand

Vimeo on demand is a monetization program run by vimeo in which only those publishers are allowed to monetize their video who had vimeo pro account , By joining this programe publisher are allowed to sell their video for pay per view program , in which the publisher has to set a fixed rate for watchin a video 1 time on vimeo , and if any viewers pay the revenue is shared between publishers and vimeo in ratio of 90:10 , However no advertisement revenue is given to the publisher.
First of all, Vimeo video on demand service is not for everyone. You need to have a Vimeo pro account in order to use it, which cost $199/year.  Once you have a pro account, you get many additional features like:
  • 50 Gb storage
  • 250,000 plays
  • High definition videos (1080p)
  • Compatible with all devices (tablets, smartphones, Yada, yada,yada)
Vimeo Basic Account  In  basic account there is no fee , it is free but free publishers are only allowed to upload maximum 500 MB data  per week & 25 GB data for 1year. It is free but publisher are not allowed to monetize their videos.
Vimeo Plus Account – In Plus plan the publisher needs to pay $59.95 USD /year or either $9.95 USD each month , with this plan publishers can upload maximum of 5GB data / week & 250GB data for 1year. Publisher are also not allowed to make money in vimeo plus account.
Vimeo Pro Account / Video on Demand – In this plan publishers need to pay an yearly fee of  $199 USD/year to vimeo . with this plan publishers can upload maximum of 20GB data/week  and 1000 GB Data for 1 year. With this account they are eligible for – Vimeo on Demand program , and allowed to monetize their video by pay per view feature . Remember vimeo don’t allow publishers to monetize their video by advertisement.
So once you have a Vimeo pro account, you can join their on-demand service for free. After this, all you need is a video which can sell, and a marketing plan for marketing your videos. Since, I don’t have a pro account, I can’t lay down the exact steps for the same, but you can learn more about Vimeo on-demand service here
Vimeo fits best for those publishers who are film maker , Comedians , video promoters , High end Tech videos , since viewers buy those videos which can be found hardly on youtube , which is free , or either those videos whose high definition version is not available on youtube , But it is difficult to sell video and earn money on vimeo for new publishers . but on youtube any publishers can easily make money , because youtube pays for advertisement , hence it does not matter either your video is high definition or of poor quality . also if your videos get viral on youtube , it could make you huge money in very small time . On vimeo its totally depends upon the demand of your video , if its demand is high you can increase the rate and pricing of your video for pay per view . otherwise it is very hard to earn money on vimeo , but on youtube normal videos can also make money , since advertisement is the primary source of revenue.

Now that you have a good idea of how to earn money with Vimeo. Hope you like this article


Anas Mahmood

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