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Earn Money With Your Own Blog


Generally blogging means any service or services. There are numerous services in the world through which you can blogging. Once I search on Google to fix of a cold problem and i visited a health related website. They provided information about not only the cold but also many types of the disease, its causes and it’s solution has been described in detail for free. And this service is called blogging . So blogging is a one type of service by which visitors get information and solutions. You can do blogging on your choice.


You can start your blogging by your own website and It is a good idea. But you can also do blogging as a guest of another website. There are many free blogging sites in which you can submit your article and can get enough money. But it will be a great work if you start your work by creating your own blog. Then if your blog will continue well and gain a good rank, you will be able to earn a big amount of money every month. To create a best blog, just buy a top level domain and buy a good hosting. Then your blogging career will be smooth and easier and make money by your blog easily.


There are lot of ways to earn money  by blogging. Some of which are given below:

Pay Per Click Advertising

You get paid for every click a visitor makes on Ads. Google Adsense is the Most widely used Provider of this service. The cost per click (CPC) can also determine how much you are likely to earn from this type of AD.
  • Adverts which are likely to display  mortgages or financial products  may pay you (publisher) as much as $1+ for every click.
  • Adverts that display children’s toys may pay you (Publisher) only a few cents
Cost Per Mile Advertising 

You get paid according to the number of impressions (page views) you receive. This is worked out for every 1000 impressions that it has.
  • A website that gets 200,000 page views per month that display a 1$ CPM AD will generate 200$ a month.
There are a number of different CPM providers out there that you can get ADS from. Each varies on How much they will pay you, generally the better the provider, the higher rate you will be paid.
CPM adverts can pay you more depending on where the Advert is placed on your website. The Higher the AD is placed the bigger the AD is, will generally earn more money!
Text Link AD

A type of advertising allows you to place text-based ADS within the text of you articles. You need to sign up to a specialized provider who will automate the service.
Quite good as it offers a non-intrusive way to monetize your blog that won’t put off your readers.

Advertising Widgets
Adverts that are placed inside your text content such as articles or Blog posts. These are double underlined to make them stand out from other links so that when a user moves the mouse over one of them a small advertising Pop-up will appear.
You can sign up to an in-text Advertising provider that will place sponsored links within your text. These type of ads are a bit more obvious than the previous type, which can put some people off.
Widgets that are designed so that they can be easily placed onto a website without any hassle.
Tip: Display a mixture of PPC, Text link Ads, and Affiliate Programs to boost your earnings.

Advertising space
Monetize your blog by selling space on your website for advertisers to display a banner. A very lucrative method as it allows you to cut out the middle man and charge what you want for people to advertise on your site.
The downside of this method is that you need to commit time to manage the whole process with the advertiser and that your site needs to have a lot of traffic to be considered by advertisers.

RSS Adverts
Adverts placed inside an RSS feed. Many RSS feed generators now offer this service. Some offer CPM or PPC advertising, however, you could opt to do it yourself and offer to sell sponsored messages OR banners directly on your feed.
You can find adverts for your RSS feed on Bidvertiser and Google Feed Burner.

Audio Advertising
Pay Per Play (PPP) is audio adverts that are played every time someone visits your website or blog. Usually only last a few seconds, with the viewer unable to stop it. Another term of audio advertising that you could use is ‘PODCAST ADS

Many people hate Pop-ups and have pop-up blockers installed to stop them. However, if executed in the right way, they can work like having a single Pop-up on your website that only appears to each new visitor.

Create and Sell your own Products
We are a society of consumers! If you have a product that you have made, then why not sell it on your website. The good thing about this is that compared with a product in a shop that has a small customer basis, online you have the world to sell your products to.
So why are you waiting. Just start you blog now.
Choose your website domain right now.

Final Words

Before you want to earn money from your blog, make your blog popular. Increase its traffic. When your blog starts getting huge visitors, then just use any method that I shared and start earning! Keep it in mind, without traffic you can’t earn from your blog! Traffic is the soul of your blog. Set a goal and achieve it! Happy Earning!


Anas Mahmood

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