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Earn Money Without Doing Anything

Can you make money online without doing anything? Yes, you can earn some money by doing nothing just by your CPU's idle power. This is one of the simplest ways to make money online even while you sleep. My cashware program doesn't pay you that much, any way you can earn something to pay your bills. To make money using this program you've to download the software and run it on your PC. This software can be used in any computer, both home PC and work PC. 

What is MyCashWare?
My cashware is a software which uses a part of the CPU power to process virtual currencies called mining. For using the user's computer my cashware will pay money. In simple words, my cash ware is paying rent to the user for using his device.

Why should you use MyCashWare:

  • Nowadays most of them use their computer at least  8 - 12 hours a day for various purposes like hearing songs, watching movies, working, browsing the internet, social media, downloading etc.
  • While you use your PC to do these activities the full CPU power won't be utilized, resulting in waste of power (CPU will use extra power while operating at full usage. But, there will be some benefit if you run this software).
  • So, you can run my cashware software simultaneously to earn money without doing anything.
  • This is highly recommended for the people who use μ torrent to download torrent files. Usually, these people will leave the PC running on the night time to download large torrent files. So, along with torrent, you can run my cashware software which can earn you money for doing nothing simply using your PC's wasted power.
 How To Earn Money?

Just run the software when you are working or leave the PC On. To earn more you can run the software with the same ID on more than one computer i.e. multiple devices. Like you can use both desktop and laptop available at your home. Working PCs can also be used.

About Payment?
Payments are processed through the Paypal payment processor. The minimum payout amount is $5. Once you've earned five dollars you can request a cashout. Payments will be processed within a week.


Anas Mahmood

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