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GOKANO Review - Scam or Legit ?

Gokano is a website that allows users to acquire points by performing simple tasks. Those items can be exchanged for valuable prizes.You can get free gifts after collecting some points, they said that GN. After answering or voting a single question, you can collect GN. Then after collecting the GN, you can redeem the gifts from 3 categories which are gadgets, accessories and electronics.

You can only redeem your gift on restock time. Gokano announces that date of restocks.
Next restock: unknown (waiting for Gokano to announce it).Restocks only last for few minutes.

Anyone receive Gift or Payment from Gokano?

Well, Some people claim that they receive gifts and payments from gokano but many people said that Gokano is Scam.

On NBR someone comment that Gokano is a scam.
It shows 'out of stock' every time even after restock!

Gokano: "During this restock we had the biggest traffic ever ( :o ) so our servers were not working properly. Recently, there were no server issues and we will do our best to ensure that there are no such issues in the next month.


Gokano is a Fake & Scam Site:

  • I placed an order for speaker and they accepted it but afterward, I got a mail that my order has been canceled and they even did not return my GN points which I have earned in almost 3 and half months.I thought that it is a legit site but now I knew it is totally fake, no site gives you free stuffs. do not waste your time into it.

  • I ordered the power bank they deactivated my account and when I complained they did not reply anything .

The Restock of the products comes once a month and it is just for some minutes. On restock time, every item is 'out of stock'.

Status: Doubtful(Scam)
Recommendation: Not Recommended 


Anas Mahmood

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