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How To Transfer Money From Payza To Paypal ?

We can not transfer money from payza to paypal directly. We have to use a third-party website to transfer money from payza to paypal. Some people try to transfer their money through money ex-changers but it is very risky because both payza and paypal are very strict on money transfer through money ex-changers. It is also very difficult to find a trust worthy money ex-changer because 90% of online money ex-changers are fraud and also now exchangers can't transfer payza money to paypal. If you have payza money and want to transfer it to your paypal or vice-versa  then you can use this legitimate process to transfer your money.

After lack of searching I found a website called GPT Planet as third party website or as a medium  to transfer money from payza to paypal because there are no more legit sites like neobux to use as a transfer medium.

Payza to Paypal through GPT Planet
GPT Planet is a trustworthy site on which you can add money through Payza and withdraw through Paypal or vice-versa. GPT Planet is a PTC and GPT site which is online since 2010. I personally use this site many times to send my money from payza to paypal. You have to follow a simple process to withdraw your money from payza to paypal. This process will take one month but it very safe and legal. You will also earn some extra cash while following this process.

Process :

First of all join GPT Planet form Here. After that click on add funds in your GPT Planet account and add dollars to GPT Planet fund as purchase balance.
Now rent referrals from your added money . These referrals will earn money for you for one month. Monitor your referrals, recycle not working referral. After one month your referrals will disappear.
Now You can withdraw your account balance through Paypal . You can withdraw minimum 2$.
Note: Your account balance depends upon your referrals performance. Sometimes it is more than your added money and sometimes it is a bit less than your added money. Click some ads on Scarlet-Clicks daily to get better performance from referrals.
You can also try scarlet-clicks. It's a sister site of GPT Planet run by same admin. In tutorial I will recommended you GPT Planet because scarlet-clicks minimum withdraw is increase from $0.50 to $ 2.00 means its minimum withdraw is $2 now, and in GPT Planet its minimum withdraw is $1.
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