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Paid Social Networking Sites

It sucks that social networks like Facebook tend to make revenues out of your content, while you don’t see a single cent. This is why it is good to know that there are several social networks out there which allow you to share content and make money out of it. You can choose whether you want to donate it to charity, make a payment to a friend or just keep it for yourself. It is always great to be paid for the content you create.

The unique thing about Tsu is that it shares 90 percent of its revenues with  its users. Their aim is to make revenue distribution fair. 
Fortunately there are safeguards in place which prevent people from exploiting the network. There is zero tolerance for spammers and copyright infringing material. Basically the aim is for people to share great content here for amplification. The catch is that you are limited to 12 posts a day, to prevent spamming.
If you are social and share quality posts you will get paid cash. Tsu works with organic reach. It rewards influencers who publish content and who have lots of friends. Basically the network rewards the creator of an original post whose content is shared by others. On other networks, the only advantage the creator gets is the sharing of his post but no financial returns. Over here, the owner gets rewarded for his hard work. This should definitely encourage others to sign up.
Just don’t sign up here expecting to make tons of money overnight. This is the perfect network for those who want to share their original content with others. So if you spend time creating great content, this is the network for you

At first glance Bitlanders  seems to be a social network for teens. This network has a great gamification feature which mixes up social media with gaming. Users are rewarded for each action they take and that is a great incentive.
It rewards for you for virtually every action you take. The more you interact on the site, the more your buzzscore will increase. The Buzzscore rewards you with bitcoin so that is a great incentive. Sure the site is for teens so that advertisers can get them to spend more time creating content, but there is nothing stopping adults from using it.  So each time you share some of your content or do one of the daily quests, you get rewarded.
Plus the more friends you invite to the network, the more you can earn from it. The idea is to create a huge base of followers and share social media. All you need is to create a fun avatar and interact with the rest of the users. Plus you can also redeem your points for gift cards, paypal as well as actual bitcoin.
It was interesting to see that users in Afghanistan can redeem some of their earnings for phone credit. It also has apps for the iOS and android platforms and is growing at a pretty fast rate. This is a great site where your content will do well only if you have good organic reach and you engage well with others provides its clients many opportunities to earn money. You don’t have to learn anything to earn money on this site. Just get online on your id and start spending time on the website and boom you are getting. The best thing about this site is you don’t need any money for investment because it’s free at the start.You can get 5% shares of your referral sales on gaosmedia. There are many modes for earning money on this site let’s have a look at them one by one.
  • Online chats
  • Business page
  • Complete offers

Sweeba is a unique social networking site that pays you to socialize! At sweeba you get paid for liking, commenting and posting sweebs! As well as when other people like and comment on your sweebs. The more friends and sweebs you have the more exposure and earning possibilities you have! 

Apsense is a business social network in the growing membership base of business professionals. This is an opportunity for you to build your own private social network as a profitable business and exchange ideas with other business owners. Earn! Create your own groups, to generate new ideas and opportunities to sell products! 've Also paid the construction of their own quality content within the social network display type, blogs, networking, etc. .. allowed to sell or display ads within your content. More content to make more money you earn! APSense commissions paid by check or PayPal.

SiteTalk gathered their best features into one great community! The first in the world site, which brought together MLM, internet community, and classic marketing! 
Join the community, enjoy networking, buying and use products, earn money, build a global business and qualified for a property in one of the most exciting business of our time. SiteTalk is a social network site, a product of Uniaco Ltd (United Nordic Alliance Investment Company) which sits under a bigger umbrella called The Enigro Group.

Metacafe is similar to other social sites for viewing video such as YouTube but with several differences. Including the elimination of duplication, filtering content for adults and Producer VideoRank awards. VideoRank system viewer reactions to videos in order to prove who is the most popular. In addition, Metacafe pays video creators for original work. Video that has a certain threshold of visits and VideoRank results through its Producer Rewards program.

Mylot is the social network that pays you to create and respond to different themes as well as to transfer photos. This is a friendly community that is on the Internet for years. You can earn unlimited building networking. This social community pays through PayPal or money


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