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Start Your Own PTC Site


Many of the people who click in PTC sites daily, sometimes want to make own PTC site but do not know what they need and how to start such a thing. This stops them. 

Below you will see how to make such a site.
What you need to start? 

Most people invest in the creation of the site 100 or $ 200, which is quite a large amount of regular clicker, which has a maximum of 50 or $ 60. Not every site needs such a large investment at the beginning. 

For starters, you need a Verified PayPal account 

Now, you can find a free domain name for your website. Some want to start with .INFO domain because it is a cheaper option, but more successful register domain .COM. 

Register your site in one of the lower domain registrants, they are the best: 
You can find the latest discounts on this site: 

You can find the latest discounts on this site: 

Now, after registering and domain, you will need hosting for your site. You can also make your PTC site using tools like

1. Evolution script

 One of the best PTC website developing tools. From this, you can easily build your own PTC site easily.

First, you should be able to lose some money in the beginning.

It will be difficult, but if you choose a long-term subscription to 2 or 3 years and manage the site well, you cannot fail .

Next, select best hosting provider and host your script.

Now, install your PTC script in hosting panel to do so go to you hosting cpanel and click on File manager.
Next, click on Upload and select .zip file of ptc script and upload it.

You also need Database where your site's information like user details and ad details will save. To create a Database go back to your cpanel and click on MySQL Database . Enter database name you want to create and click Create Database.

Now, get started?

Before starting

Set the Terms and Conditions , Prices and Payouts etc.

Now place advertisements on your website.
Place Adhitz and Bidvertiser ads on your site at starting in sidebars or anywhere.


Anas Mahmood

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