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What is Adnimation? & How To Earn Money With Adnimation

Earn Money With Adnimation

Adnimation is an innovative monetization service and technology company specialize in helping premium online Publishers & Advertisers by creating animated ads for advertisers absolutely free that attracts the visitors to draw their attention and help the publishers to get maximum revenue. 

Everybody wants to make money from their blog so they post Ads on their blog. However, that’s not enough for making Money. In order to make decent money through Ads, you need clicks on them from your visitors. Some bloggers are getting lots of clicks on Ads as well but still they are not making huge money due to low CPC rate. 

An interesting part about Adnimation for advertisers is that, Animations are created by Adnimation team for free. It means, If you are an advertiser, they just need banner from you. Isn’t that interesting? 
These days, Visitors are not showing much interest in Banner and Text Ads so animation can draw their attention which can increase your chances of earning more. 

Big or Small, all publishers wants to keep a balance between their content and advertising space. Due to this reason, they can’t add more banners. Adnimation doesn’t create such issue as its Ads doesn’t take any space on your actual webpage. 

 So many publishers are using Pop-up ads on their blogs and websites for drawing the attension of visitors.These kind of ads interrupts their attension. In many cases, they never return to those sites. Adnimation Ads doesn’t create such issue Adnimation Ads has the potential to get high click through rate which is awesome. It means, you can earn more without disturbing your visitors.



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