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What Is Bitcoin & How To Earn Bitcoin Online

The bitcoin is a digital currency or a cryptocurrency that has market value. Bitcoin is not a physical coin or a paper and it is held electronically i.e bitcoins can be stored only in computers, servers etc. Though bitcoins are not physical they have very high value, let say 1 Bitcoin = +/- $462 and can be converted into local currencies. The value of bitcoins is keep on increasing day by day. So, it is the right time to start accumulating in your wallet
Dollars & cents | Bitcoins & sathosi:

  • The decimal part of the dollar is called as cent. Similarly, the decimal part of the bitcoin is called a sathosi.
  • $1 = 100 cents.
  • 1฿  = 100000000 satoshi


These are the various methods to earn bitcoins.
1. Bitcoin faucets
2. Earn bitcoins by playing games
3. Paid to click etc.

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