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What Is Payoneer? Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard (Plus $25 Bonus)

Payoneer is one of the best online money transfer services and payment gateway that allows you to receive and withdraw your online payments from many publishers across the globe through Payoneer MasterCard which can be used for taking out cash from the ATM.
You can even send money to other Payoneer debit card holders. Payoneer has the power of MasterCard, you can make transactions / payments/purchases on almost every website that supports MasterCard with the help of pre-loaded funds on your Payoneer account. Its actually a prepaid master card that allows you to make purchases within the limits of your available funds on your debit card, unlike credit cards which lend you credit and charge you later on with their additional markup or interest charges.
Here you got one more reason to start using Payoneer. When you signup for Payoneer & use it for $100 transaction (Send or receive), you will get a bonus of $25 just for using it. This is part of their launch promotion, and I find it lucrative enough for anyone.

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